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Exploring the Best of Gulmarg and Nearby Areas: A 3-Day Itinerary

Gulmarg, located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, India, is a popular tourist destination that is famous for its scenic beauty and adventure sports. Here is a detailed three-day itinerary for Gulmarg and the nearby areas:

Day 1:

  1. Gondola ride: Start your day by taking a gondola ride, which is the highest cable car ride in the world, and provides breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains. The ride takes you to the Kongdoori Mountain, where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

  2. Khilanmarg: After the gondola ride, head to Khilanmarg, which is a small valley surrounded by snow-clad peaks. You can enjoy a leisurely walk in the valley and soak in the natural beauty of the place.

  3. Golf course: Next, visit the Gulmarg Golf Course, which is the highest golf course in the world. The golf course is surrounded by tall trees and offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan range.

  4. St. Mary's Church: In the evening, visit the St. Mary's Church, which is a 100-year-old church located in the heart of Gulmarg. The church has beautiful stained glass windows and provides a peaceful ambiance for prayer and meditation.

Day 2:

  1. Tangmarg: On the second day, head to Tangmarg, which is a small town located about 13 km from Gulmarg. Tangmarg is famous for its apple orchards, and you can take a stroll through the orchards and savor the delicious apples.

  2. Ferozepur Nallah: Next, visit Ferozepur Nallah, which is a picturesque stream that flows through the Tangmarg town. You can enjoy a picnic by the stream or take a dip in the cool waters.

  3. Baba Reshi Shrine: In the afternoon, visit the Baba Reshi Shrine, which is a holy shrine dedicated to the Muslim saint Baba Reshi. The shrine is located in the village of Baba Reshi and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Day 3:

  1. Alpather Lake: On the third day, take a trek to Alpather Lake, which is a high altitude lake located at the foot of the Apharwat peak. The lake is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and provides a stunning view of the Himalayas.

  2. Ningle Nallah: After the trek, head to Ningle Nallah, which is a small stream that flows through the meadows of Gulmarg. You can relax by the stream and enjoy a picnic lunch.

  3. Drang Village: In the evening, visit the Drang Village, which is a small village located about 18 km from Gulmarg. The village is known for its traditional Kashmiri handicrafts, and you can shop for souvenirs such as Pashmina shawls, embroidered fabrics, and wood carvings.

This itinerary provides a mix of adventure, culture, and nature, and will allow you to explore the best of Gulmarg and the nearby areas in three days.



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