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3 day Itinerary Kasol : Where Traditional Himachali Culture Meets Hippie Vibes

Kasol is a small village located in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known for its scenic beauty, serene atmosphere, and vibrant culture. The culture of Kasol is a blend of traditional Himachali culture and the hippie culture that emerged in the region in the 1970s.

The village is home to a diverse community of people, including locals, tourists, and hippies from different parts of the world. This has led to the creation of a unique culture that is a fusion of different traditions, languages, and lifestyles.

The locals in Kasol are primarily Hindus, and they celebrate various festivals throughout the year, such as Holi, Diwali, and Dussehra. The village also has a significant population of Israelis, who have contributed to the local culture by introducing their food, music, and language. Hebrew is spoken widely in Kasol, and many Israeli restaurants can be found in the area.

The hippie culture in Kasol has also had a significant impact on the local culture. Many of the tourists who visit Kasol are attracted to the laid-back lifestyle and spiritual atmosphere of the region. Yoga and meditation classes are popular activities in the village, and many travelers come to Kasol to experience the natural beauty of the Parvati Valley and to explore their spiritual side.

Here is a 3-day itinerary for Kasol and nearby places:

Day 1:

  • Start your day early and head to Kasol from Bhuntar, which is the nearest town with an airport and railway station.

  • Check-in to your hotel or guesthouse and freshen up.

  • Head to the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, which is a significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs and Hindus.

  • Explore the hot springs at Manikaran and have a dip in the hot water.

  • Enjoy some delicious Langar food at the Gurudwara.

  • Return to Kasol and take a stroll by the Parvati River in the evening.

Day 2:

  • After breakfast, head to Tosh village, which is located about 18 km from Kasol. You can take a taxi or a local bus.

  • Explore the beautiful Tosh village, which is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the mountains.

  • Trek to the Tosh Glacier, which is a moderate level trek and takes about 4-5 hours.

  • Return to Tosh village and enjoy some local food and tea.

  • Return to Kasol in the evening and spend some time shopping for souvenirs and local handicrafts.

Day 3:

  • After breakfast, head to Malana village, which is located about 22 km from Kasol.

  • Explore the ancient village of Malana, which has a distinct culture and is known for its unique language and customs.

  • Trek to the Malana Glacier, which is a moderate level trek and takes about 5-6 hours.

  • Return to Malana village and enjoy some local food and tea.

  • Return to Kasol in the evening and spend some time relaxing by the river or exploring the local market.

This itinerary includes some of the most popular and beautiful places to visit near Kasol. However, do note that the trekking routes may be closed during the winter months due to snowfall.

Facts about Kasol:

Here are 10 amazing facts about Kasol:

  1. Kasol is located in the Parvati Valley, which is known for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes.

  2. Kasol is often called "Mini Israel" due to the large number of Israeli tourists who visit the area. Many Israeli backpackers stay in Kasol for months at a time.

  3. The area around Kasol is home to several indigenous communities, including the Kinnauris and the Kullus. These communities have their own unique cultures and traditions.

  4. Kasol is famous for its cannabis culture, with many cafes and shops selling marijuana and other cannabis products openly.

  5. The Parvati River flows through Kasol, and many visitors come to swim, fish, or simply relax by the river.

  6. The Malana village near Kasol is known for its unique culture and customs. The villagers here believe themselves to be descendants of Alexander the Great, and they have their own distinct language and social structure.

  7. Kasol is surrounded by some of the most beautiful hiking trails in India, with treks to places like Kheerganga, Tosh, and Malana.

  8. Kasol is also home to several beautiful temples, including the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, which is a pilgrimage site for Sikhs.

  9. The annual Shiva festival is held in Kasol every year, attracting thousands of visitors from all over India and the world.

  10. Kasol is a great place to experience traditional Himachali cuisine, with many local restaurants serving delicious dishes like siddu, kadi chawal, and dham.



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