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Indian Circular Journey Tickets: A Valuable Service for Travelers


Indian Rail lines (IRCTC) offers an special service for explorers who wish to go for an outing interfacing many destinations. The service is known as Circular Journey and Circular Journey Ticket is given for all Journeys (other than normal routes) which start and complete at similar station, concurring Indian Railroads' site, Indian Rail lines has an all out organization of 1,08,706 kilometers across restricted check, meter measure and expansive measure across the length and broadness of the country. The Railroads works around 11,000 trains each day, of which 7,000 are traveler trains.

An image of indian railway ticket containing circular journey fare of 3AC
Image Source: Indian Rail

For example, if you take a circular journey ticket from New Delhi to Kanyakumari from Northern Railroad, your process will begin from New Delhi and end at New Delhi. You will arrive at Kanyakumari (via Mathura) Mumbai Central – Marmagoa – Bangalore City – Mysore – Bangalore City – Udagamandalam – Thiruvanthapuram Central – Kanniya Kumari (via Renigunta) and return to New Delhi. The circular ticket made for this excursion of 7,550 kilometers stays valid for maximum 56 days.

The routes and tickets are divided in three categories

  1. Standard Circular Journey Tour Tickets Over Northern Railway

  2. Standard Circular Journey Tour Tickets Over South Central Railway

  3. Standard Circular Journey Tour Tickets Over Central Railway

Understanding Circular Journey Tickets

Senior Citizen Concessions

For the senior citizens of our country, there's an added benefit. Male senior citizens are granted a 40% concession, while their female counterparts receive an even greater 50% discount. This concession applies to journeys covering distances exceeding 1000 kilometers.

Versatility for Various Travelers

This service is versatile and caters to both solo travelers and groups. It's particularly advantageous for those embarking on pilgrimages or sightseeing tours, where covering multiple destinations is often the norm.


Each Circular Journey ticket encompasses two single journeys. The length of each leg is considered as half of the total distance covered in the entire journey.


These tickets can be used for all routes except regular ones, offering a versatile solution for a wide array of travel itineraries.

Stations/Stoppage Points

A Circular Journey ticket allows for up to eight stations or stopovers. This provides ample flexibility for travelers to plan their journeys according to their preferences.

Start and End Points

For a Circular Journey, the journey must commence and conclude at the same station. This ensures a seamless and efficient travel experience.

Saves Money

The price of each ticket included in the Circular Journey ticket is adjustable. It means that adding more stations to your itinerary results in a lower cost per inclusive ticket. Consequently, Circular tickets offer a more budget-friendly alternative to booking individual tickets separately.

Booking Procedure of these round train tickets.

1 .When your schedule is concluded, you can move toward the Divisional Business Supervisor of the Division of specific significant stations to which the journey beginning station has a place.

2.. The Divisional Business Chief or the station specialists will then calculate out the expense of the tickets in view of your itinerary. He will likewise inform the Station Supervisor regarding a similar in a recommended design.

3. You can buy Round Excursion Tickets by showing this form at the Booking Office of the station where you propose to begin your journey.

4. Subsequent to buying the Circular Journey Ticket, you should move toward the Booking Office to save your convenience for different laps of your excursion.

5. You will then be issued reserved journey ticket for the excursion.

6. A Circular Journey Ticket is charged for as two single journeys, the length of each single excursion being taken as half of the all out distance.


The Indian Railways serves a multitude of travelers every day. However, many are unaware of the services that could simplify their journey. One such service is the Circular Journey Ticket offered by IRCTC. It's designed for journeys that start and end at the same station, providing flexible pricing options. This makes it a cost-effective choice for travelers across all classes. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a Circular Train Ticket in Indian Railways?

Ans- A Circular Journey Ticket is a special type of ticket that allows passengers to travel in a circular route covering multiple destinations and return to their original starting point. It is a cost-effective option for those planning extended journeys.

Q2. How can I plan a journey using a Circular Journey Ticket?

Ans- To plan a journey using a Circular Journey Ticket, you need to approach the Chief Booking Supervisor at a major railway station. They will help you chart your itinerary, and you can then book your ticket accordingly

Q3. What is the validity of a Circular Journey Ticket?

Ans- Circular Journey Tickets are typically valid for up to 2 months from the date of issue. Passengers can complete their journey within this period.

Q4. Can I break my journey and halt at different destinations using a Circular Journey Ticket?

Ans- Yes, you can break your journey and stop at different destinations along your route. However, there are rules and conditions regarding the maximum number of breaks and the maximum distance you can travel between breaks.

Q5. Are Circular Journey Tickets available for all classes of travel?

Ans- Circular Journey Tickets are available for various classes, including Sleeper Class, AC 3-tier, AC 2-tier, and more. The cost of the ticket will depend on the class of travel and the distance covered.



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